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Our Specialities

General Medicine

Offers emergency and non emergency out patient care for all adult patients with acute and chronic illness. Sub specialists include Dr Thankam (Diabetes)

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General and Plastic Surgery

Surgical support for thyroid, abdominal, colorectal and limb surgeries including laparoscopic and plastic surgery procedures

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Anaesthesiology & Critical Care Unit

24/7 Anaesthesia coverage is provided by a team of 4 anaesthetists provide expert emergency and non emergency anaesthesia care for Obstetrics,Orthopaedics,Surgery, and ICU and pain control.

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Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory Medicine clinics are conducted on Monday and Thursday by Dr Radhakrishna Pillai who provides out patient care for patients with allergies, breathing disorders and tuberculosis.

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Dermatology and Venerology

The Skin specialist Dr R Sreekumar conducts an outpatient clinic for people with disorders of the skin including cosmetic procedures such as removal of warts and blemishes.

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Paediatrics,Neonatology and Child Development Clinic

Paediatric services include round the clock treatment for neonates, infants and older children.Inpatient facilities include immediate care of the new born, neonatal ICU, and treatment of babies

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More About Us

Dr Govindans Hospital was established on 1st April 1966 being the first private hospital in the city. It is situated in the central part of Trivandrum, near the Government Secretariat and very close to the District General Hospital, important Schools and District Court. It is a modern speciality Hospital fully equipped and staffed to provide up-to-date care for patients with a wide range of acute and chronic ailments.

The hospital consists of 3 floors and has 4 operation theatres, labour  Intensive/ Critical care Unit, Post operative ward,Neonatal  Intensive care unit, Dialysis unit, ECG,X-ray and Ultrasound facilities, Computerized laboratory services, 24hr Casualty, Canteen etc.

Dr Govindans Hospital believes in rendering quality healthcare services. It has been constantly upgrading the medical equipment and has been a pioneer in introducing several new equipments and innovative treatments in the past.

Dr Govindans Hospital upholds the medical ethics of giving uniform care to all patients.It strive to give quality health care.

Specialized in Gynaecology

We practice Gynecology the old fashion way by giving personal attention to all of our patients.